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Flavour Creations IDDSI Level Sticker (Pack of 200 stickers)

Flavour Creations IDDSI Level Sticker (Pack of 200 stickers)

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Product Description

Keep hand-thickened fluids safe and identifiable with IDDSI Level Stickers.

If you’re hand-thickening fluids using powders from the instant THICK, or thickplus ranges, it’s important that any stored mixtures are easily identifiable.  Placing an IDDSI Level Sticker on hand-thickened fluid storage containers helps ensure no-one is served fluids of the wrong viscosity.

The IDDSI Level Stickers are visually distinct, colour-coded stickers available in IDDSI Levels 2, 3 and 4 (Mildly Thick, Moderately Thick and Extremely Thick).  When placing stickers onto storage containers, ensure the stickers are placed in easily visible positions, such as the container top or lid.            

Claims, Features & Benefits

  • Label for Hand Thickened Fluids
  • Promote Food Safety
  • IDDSI Compliant


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