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Flavour Creations Shaped Recipe Book

Flavour Creations Shaped Recipe Book

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Creating visually appealing texture-modified meals has never been easier, or more fun.

Discover how to make texture-modified food better than ever with shaped: Your Essential Guide to Shaped Cuisine.

Written by Bernadette Eriksen, CEO of Flavour Creations and lifelong dysphagia advocate, shaped is a comprehensive overview of taste, diet and meal prep for people with dysphagia.  It features over 120 texture-modified recipes, spanning everything from chocolate and banana cake to tomato and feta salad and Thai chicken curry.

Each dish is beautifully balanced and creatively styled – this is a no-punches-pulled collection of delicious meals that literally anyone can enjoy.  Each shaped recipe can be served as a complete meal, or separated into finger food or bite-sized portions that can be enjoyed as snacks in between bigger meals – perfect for people who struggle to finish larger servings.

“There is nothing more powerful than food prepared with love and served with joy.” – Bernadette Eriksen, CEO

Stop compromising with bland and boring texture-modified diets.  It’s time to bring the spark back to mealtimes with shaped.

“For me, ‘food equals love’. Now domestic cooks and industry chefs have another tool to put a little more love into preparing smooth puree meals that will aid the enjoyment of eating.” – Bernadette Dutton, Speech Pathologist

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